Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mac fitting tool!

A while back I wrote something about getting a fitting tool ingame because of the lack of one on a mac platform and also because it just be awesome!

I come today with good news. For mac users you can finally test your own fittings out of game with this new fitting tool called Pyfa! Pyfa looks really nice and works like a charm so if your a mac user or maybe a pc user that just wants to try it out go here.

The really cool thing about Pyfa is its graphs. You can compare the DPS of two different ship fittings easily and efficiently. Take for example the image below comparing a HAML drake to a HML drake.

With this new tool you can settle the argument of whether your better off having HAML's or HML's on a pvp drake once and for all by putting in the distance you will be from the target (I put in 0-100km) and if you want to get really specific and see which setup will be better against what sized ships you can by putting in the sig radius and some other information.

Fly safe,