Sunday, 2 January 2011

Update #8 - T-shirts

My Jinx t-shirt design

Missed the Boss Fight test on December 17? Get on the test server on January 3 at 15:00 UTC and you will have another chance to try it out.

The final vote for the "create a start ship contest" is happening now. Head over to the voting page and choose your favorite three entries. The winning entry will be added to the game sometime in the future so make sure you vote for a ship that you would fly!

If you like voting you should also head over to the Jinx voting page where artists and enthusiasts have designed eve related t-shits.  I myself posted a design here.  I only found the comp the day it was closing so made this is about 3 hours. It would be great if you voted for it though :)

Last but not least, the contract system is finally getting some love. Read the dev blog on the subject here.

Fly safe,