Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Year, New Me

These are three of my characters and their new looks. Man im loving the character creator, you can do virtually ANYTHING. The only thing I didnt like about it was the fact that the character kept moving his head around and changing expressions ect. which made it a bit harder to model.

The top character is serenity one, my main (his original picture cna be seen at the bottom of this post). Then there is an alt that I use for not much. Sometimes I move some stuff around with her. She looks pretty nice :)

And last but not least is a new character that I created specifically for solo, piraty pvp. So yes im going to start training him for a rifter most likely and hit the low sec systems. If you know of any aussie pirate corps please let me know. It shouldnt be a problem the character not being my main because I dont pvp much with my main or anything.

Also now on the topic of alts, my mining alt that will be for sale in 10 days can be seen here on eveboard. You will be able to design the character as you see fit because of the new character creator so I will expect a little bit more isk because of that. If your interested, comment below or contact me in game via my main (serenity one) and we can talk price and all of that stuff.

Fly safe,
Captain serenity.