Monday, 24 January 2011

Update #11 - CSM

With Council of Stellar Management due to leave office on April 6th, it's almost time for the candidacy period for CSM6 to open up. The dates for the next election period are as follows:

  • February 9th to 23rd – Candidacy application period opens
  • March 2nd – Publication of the list of approved candidates
  • March 9th – Voting opens
  • March 23rd – Voting closes
  • March 30th – Results announced
  • April 6th – CSM 6 takes office
  • April 2012 – CSM 7 takes office
When applying for candidacy in CSM6, we will require that at least a basic campaign message stating what you are campaigning for and/or who you are representing is provided.

So there are only a couple of changes to the CSM application process. you will now need to provide a message stating what you are campaigning for and who you represent. this will make it easier for voters to identify the candidates. The other change is to with the schedule and will result in a reduction of the amount of time between the publication of the list of approved candidates and the beginning of the voting period.

If you have not already tried the new PI interface (which is quite different) this guide will get you up and running in no time at all.

In other news, the corp i just joined is at war in high sec. Pretty much what happened was the alliance didnt want our corp in the alliance any more but never kicked us. the alliance was falling apart so Merciless reckoning asked our CEO to form a new alliance with them. We agreed. Our CEO sent over 350mill to start the alliance and left the previous alliance. As soon as we had left, Merciless reckoning declared war on us. Most of our players aren't that experienced at pvp however the people who war decced us are. Isnt that great :)

What I wonder is, were merciless reckoning ever going to form a new allaince with us or had they planned that as a way to get our isk and kick us out at the same time. Also one of our players killed one of them and then they were bitching about it. So maybe they thought since we were mostly care bears they could steel our isk, kick us out and get some easy kills.

Fly safe, Dont war dec people for no reason.