Tuesday, 8 March 2011


[around] 6 months and 70 posts later its time to say my good byes. When I started blogging I really didnt think I would get this far. I thought my blog would remain one of the many that are floating around like one of IT's corpses in space. You proved me wrong and I proved my self wrong.

It was good to see that I can stick with something till I succeed with the goals I set. My first goal was to get someone to comment. It took a little while but it happened :) My overall goal for my blog had always been to get into the blog pack and again it took a while but it happened. Thanks to everyone that commented and read my posts, it made it all worth while.

I will leave this blog up seeing as Its not costing me anything and so people can read the old posts if they want. It was fun writing this blog and even if I didnt end up in the blog pack or get readers and comments it still would have been worth it to improve my writing.

The reason I am going to stop playing EVE (and therefore blogging about it) is real life. The next three years will be hectic and I probably wont have much of a life (that sucks). This year I am in year 10 (I am 15 years old) and school just started to get serious so I can definitely expect 11 and 12 to be worse. So I am going to try my hardest to get my real life goals like I did with eve and blogging and hopefully come out the other side a pilot!

Before I go I just want to give a shout out to laedy in red for being awesome. She is a fellow Australian and has a great blog over athttp://laedyinred.blogspot.com/  so go check that out!

Oh and in case you were wondering my average monthly page views was around 5,000. My most viewed post was the minmatar desktop background that I made. The top referring site was crazy kinux's then google. and Most of my viewers were from the US followed by Australia :D