Useful Tools

 Ship Fitting:
  • EFT
    Eve fitting tool is a stand alone windows program for creating and testing ship fittings.
  • Pyfa
    Python fitting assistant is a stand alone program for creating and testing ship fittings. It is compatible with all major operating systems.
 Skill Training:
  • Evemon
    Evemon is a handy windows application for planning the skills you are going to train and optimizing your training time.
  • EveHQ
    EveHQ is a large windows application which includes addons for skill planning, POS and corp management, a route planner (including a jump planner) and much more.
  • Eve api
    3rd party programs and websites use this to access you account information.
  • API logs
    This is used to check who has been accessing your api and what information they have been retrieving.
    Tactical eve maps. gives information on just about everything you could need to know. It includes a jump planner, tactical maps of all regions and many statistics to do with sovereignty and ship kills. The best part is it works with the ingame browser.
  • Capital Jump planner
    Plan your jumps accurately with this free browser based jump planner.