Sunday, 6 March 2011

Fiction #2 - testing

I forgot to introduce my new series last time. So that's what I'm doing now. This is the second post in a new series of fictional posts I will be writing. Each post will just contain a snippet of the overall story. I hope you enjoy them! Oh and don't worry, the story doesn't stay on the ground ;)


My pod had closed around me and I took my last breath in total darkness as the pod goo rose up slowly around me. That breath would be my last... unless I won...

Suddenly I could see again, but not through my eyes.I could sense what was happening somehow and I could see what was around me but the images were going straight into my brain.

In front of me was the same large holoscreen that had been there before and to the sides were the other contestants. There was just one difference. They were in some kind of robotic armour now.

The holoscreen lit up and the game masters face appeared. "Welcome to the first ever championship game. You are the lucky ones to have been chosen. Your suits are controlled via your brain waves. Think what you want to do and your suit will react in the appropriate manner. You have one hour to practice before the game begins!"

It was difficult to think of your legs moving without actually moving them. I thought of gingerly placing one foot in front of me and was rewarded with a resonating boom as my right foot slammed into the metal floor. Receivers placed all over the suit sent their pain signals to my brain and my brain transmitted that to my body. It felt like I had snapped my leg and the shock from not knowing what was coming made it even worse.

That technology came from the ammarian torturers for sure. They were famous for their endless supply of pain.

Just then I saw a door open at the far end of the vast hangar. What looked like a scientist walked in but from this distance it was hard to make out. Then with lightning speed my vision tunneled, then re-focussed a few millimeters from the scientists face. He could do with a shave, I noted. Then I realized what had happened without me even thinking. Or had I? Maybe subconscious commands worked better than conscious ones.

This could actually be fun I thought.