Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The planetary mission

My name is Captain Serenity One. I was the force behind the project Tyrannis, to occupy the planets and send in millions of miners to strip them bare of minerals.

Looking out the barred window to where the sun spills over the horizon like the yolk of an egg i think about the day i came here. I was sent by the Caldari state almost a year ago to study this planet in the far reaches of space. I was told to scan every square millimeter of and send back my report.

To whoever is reading this now, this is my report and also my recount -

No one, since we arrived in new Eden for the first time thought there could be others here. We commanded this universe, we were mighty in our ships, ships that could fly from solar system to solar system in the blink of an eye. who would dare hide from us?

Yesterday we found out who this was. They were an ugly race, they called themselves human. I am getting ahead of myself though so ill tell you how it all happened.

We had not thought it possible for others to dwell on these planets as we move freely from place to place many thousand light years across the universe, but on March 21 2010 I was captured by natives living on this planet. Luckily I had finished scanning. The reports however are lost now but the important information I remember. All I need to tell you is, there is enough ore we could construct four or five titans and it would merely scratch the surface of this planets resources.
We are on the brink of war and need these resources harvested as soon as possible so send in Tyrannis. We will need everyone who can help harvest these planets so I repeat, send in Tyrannis now!


just found this as a draft. I wrote it when Tyrranis was about to be deployed.

fly safe
serenity one

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Delving deeper - part one

The first rays of light shone out over the solar system as i shot forward, afterburners blazing. I found a suitable location to launch the deep space probe that i was carrying on board my buzzard, covert operations ship and deactivated the engines and afterburner coming in slowly. The other crew were already at work at the rear of the ship opening the probe launcher doors and loading it with an observation probe, getting ready for my launch order.
The order came soon after. the crew were highly qualified, trained in the eve university and were payed a fortune but the difference between living and dieing is having a crew you could count on, under pressure. The probe slid in. the doors were slammed shut and i hit the button. a hissing emanated from within the very walls of the ship as power was diverted to the probe launcher and the probe slowly slid into space, spinning a few times before the remotely controlled engines were fired up and it stabilized.
The round blob of iridium coated electronics and receivers that was the probe sat there unmoving. The engines keeping it still while it pulsed a scan through the whole system. This was the most advanced probing technology on the market. Able to pick up structures, wormholes and ships any where in the solar system in just a few seconds.

The scan data flashed onto the screen in front of me and i could see a few signatures but one signature at 50% signal strength stood out. Now using the joystick i moved the probe around, making its scan distance smaller and the signal strength stronger until finally it showed 100%. I quickly recalled the probe and it slides into the launching chamber, the doors shutting after it.

The ships main thrusters start up, propelling us forward towards the signature. we are about to find out whats inside.

i learned how to probe off this ---> video tutorial

Hope you enjoyed part one of delving deeper check back soon for part two.

Fly safe,
Serenity One