Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tengu Tactics

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So Ive had my wonderful Tengu for about 2 weeks now. I went and bought myself a buzzard to complement it so i could scan down plex's to run. With just about maxed skills It takes me around 6 minutes to fully scan down a plex so if I pick the right signature to scan down it is quick cash.

Unfortunately It is not that easy to find plex's. In those two weeks I have scanned 12 systems everyday and only found three plex's, The first was a Guristas troop re-invigoration camp (6/10). From this one you get a 19th overseas personal effects (I think) worth 50mill + you have a chance of getting some pithi type loot. I was pumped, i thought i could make a bill and pay back my tengu in one or two plex's. Oh how wrong I was lol. All i got from that was the personal effects. Still 50mill for 40minutes of plexing + however long it took me to scan all the systems before i got there is pretty decent.

My second plex was an 8/10 (Piths penal complex). This one would be harder than the first and would have a definite drop of some personal effects worth 80mill. The 8/10 doesn't have as good drops as the 6/10 can but you could still get lucky. Which I was not... Yep again all i get is the personal effects.

The Last plex i scanned down (yesterday) I bookmarked it and quickly drove over to where my tengu was parked. When i came back there was some bloody people in it! They had been in system when I was scanning so I guess they probably were already doing the plex before i even got there. This sucked a bit. Well a lot because i had got really excited when i finally found one after a week of nothing.

Next time there are people in system when i find a plex i will cloak up so they cant see im in a scanning ship and ask in local if they are ratting. that way if they say yes, they are ratting i can go get my tengu and i should be able to get the plex. If however, they say they are plexing I can warp to the plex and check out the first room to see if they really are doing it. If they are really doing it I will hang my head and continue on my way.

EDIT: I just found my fourth plex :) got a 19th overseas personal effects and a dread guristas large shield booster. All up worth 80 - 90mill which im happy with (although a pithi booster would have been nicer.


With a cheap (1bill) fit like mine you warp into the first room and sit there, killing the couple of cruisers. The 2nd and 3rd rooms you can do the same, just move around if you start taking to much damage (which you wont unless you suck at fitting them). The 4th room is the only one where you may see a light spattering of red on your shields that will quickly dissipate if you drop a jet can and orbit it at around 10km.

For this purpose i carry with me 100 tungsten charges that I found in a wreck i looted. drag the charges to an empty spot in your cargo while pressing shift. you can then select how many items you want to separate from the stack. Type in one and hit enter. You can then create a jet can simply by right clicking on the single tungsten charge and selecting jettison. To make orbiting easier so you dont have to right click and select orbit then the distance every time, you can select the can in space and on your overview controls, right click the orbit button and select the default distance you would like (mines 10km). Now when you jettison a can just select it then hit the orbit button and you will orbit at 10km! whoa that's sweet right!

Once the update comes out where you can map a command to any key you could easily make orbit me "O" so all you have to do is select the jet can and hit "o" to start orbiting.

In the 8/10 it is very similar (warp in -> drop can -> orbit can -> kill shit!). One difference however will be your priority killing list. Just to make it clear if you are webbed you are dead. Speed is your tank (as well as those nice shield boosters :D). When you warp in your priority will be to kill things that are webbing / Neuting you. If web / neut towers have you red boxed kill them, otherwise if they are not attacking you, you wont need to quite yet (if at all). Next will obviously be frigs (Webbing frigs -> scramming frigs -> other frigs), then onto cruisers, battlecruisers, battleships and finally any bosses.

In the final room there are too many enemies for this tactic so fly directly away from the groups of enemies till your about 80km from them all the while killing of frigs. once at this distance maneuver around them in a big circle by double clicking a few degrees towards the enemies when there distance starts increasing. If you use a fit similar to mine you will have no trouble finishing them off like this.     

Hope you enjoyed this post or it helped you out in someway. Once i find a 9/10 i will report if i can do it solo and how to do it. A quick not: you cannot solo the last room of the maze (10/10) in the tengu.