Sunday, 5 December 2010

Free ISK, Free Ships, Free Beer!


Im a long time member of Evebowl forums where they hold many lotto's,  competitions and  have many great guides (its the forum for the eve guides website). There are lotto's ranging from free 10mill ones happening every single day to ones with huge prize pools such as the carrier / freighter lotto.

Now just the other day they added a feature that i really love. Its called Evebowl cash and it works like this. Every time you reply to a thread you will receive 1 point. Every time you start a thread you will receive 3 points. the points are worth 2.5 * less than 1mill isk, for example 10 points / 2.5 = 4mill isk. How sweet is that! you get payed to enter free lotto's and chat with me in the forums!

The points can be spent in the Evebowl store on ships or you can convert them into isk by sending the points to me with a comment cashout and the character name eg. CASHOUT: SERENITY ONE. I will take 10% out of this then send the isk to that character.

You think you want to try this out? Its simple. Follow the steps below to get setup and i will even send you two free points!

  1. Go here and register for an account. 
  2. Enter one free lotto here
  3. Make a new thread here with your name as the title and tell everyone a little about yourself (doesnt have to be long)
  4. And finally leave a comment in my thread here, saying that i invited you to Evebowl and i will send you some points.

Hope to see you there,
Serenity one