Friday, 24 December 2010

The experiment

Firstly let me start off by wishing everyone a merry Christmas or just a good holiday if you don't do it. I hope it all goes to plan and everyone has an awesome one. Oh and also have a happy new year :) I personally am looking forward to Christmas because out of my stocking i will be getting a brand new gaming pc :D

Right now that thats out of the way lets get into my little experiment. Basically I was in a great little corp called southern cross coalition that had around 40 players and was a real blast. Unfortunately the CEO stopped playing as much so i moved on to Metalworks which had about 450 players when i got their. I did have a bit of fun to start with but definitely not as much. So what I am doing is going to another small corp to check out the differences and see which i like the most.

The corp I have chosen is called United federations, which is a small Australian mission running corp which has about 40 players. I have moved all my gear from 0.0 already because all i had to do was stuff it in my carrier and make a jump to low sec :) Also my roles were dropped yesterday so i should be in the new corp within the next 24 hours.

Now i thought i would right up the positives and negatives of large and small corps which i will update after a month or two in the new corp.

Small corp                                                   

  • You feel needed for the corp to succeed.
  • People care and will usually help you out.
  • Get to know people better because there aren't hundreds of them
  • more to come!

  • Not always people on to talk to
  • Not always people on to do stuff with
  • more to come!

Large corp

  • Always someone to talk to
  • so many players there's bound to be like minded ones.
  • huge fleet fights (could also be a con)
  • More to come!
  •  Too many people talking at once
  • Too many people doing the stuff you like so you miss out.
  • Your treated like a porn in an army
  • more to come!
If you have any pro's / con's to add please leave a comment.

Fly safe,
Captain Serenity