Friday, 10 December 2010

Gooder eve: Ingame fitting tool

Another response (or addition) to evoganda's "Gooder eve" series.

So in game we have to fit modules to a ship to see the exact stats because there are so many factors affecting them its hard to calculate manually. This can be very costly if you get the wrong items or the ship doesnt have enough cpu for them all and it would save a lot of time being able to make up ship fittings and see exact values for dps, tank and speed ect. and show you the numbers like they will be when your in the ship.

You may be saying, why not just jump onto EFT or EVE HQ and test a few fitts. Well heres the answer. they are not accurate. there i said it. If you have ever used both tools and compared the info it spits back out to you, well its just not all the same. Dont get me wrong, they are both very good tools and I am so grateful for the ppl that made them, an in game fitting planner would just be so much better :)

We already have the ability to save fittings and share them with others and it tells us if we can use all the items in the fitting, So it shouldn't be that hard to make it pull the pilots info and show the stats for the ship and mods fitted. It would be really handy when sharing and making ship fittings with others too because all the stats would be right in front of you as you swap items in and out and you wouldnt have to export the fitting then import it to EFT to see your own stats.

This in game fittings planner would also help people playing on mac computers. This is a concern to me because roughly half my play time, i play on a mac and it seriously pisses me off that i cant do a simple think like plan ship fittings. I have to get a corp mate to do it or just wait till i can jump back on a pc.

Some features that would make it a breeze to use would be things like drag and drop for instance. Simply drag an item from the market or from inside your hangar onto the fitting planner and the stats pop up. (comment below with any other ideas like this)

 So pretty much i think it would benefit the game by if a ship fitting planner was added and i would like to hear your opinions.

Fly smart,
Serenity one.