Friday, 17 December 2010

Update #7 - Facelift

The Neocom is finally having a face lift. Its about bloody time!

As soon as i saw the above picture i thought, "rip off". Its exactly like windows 7! not that thats actually a bad thing, windows 7 looks pretty cool. I just thought it thats all... :)

The thing i dont like about what they are doing is, their releasing a beta version straight to TQ. yes a BETA verison! They said it will be easier to test when you are actually playing. Lets just hope there arent any huge bugs like all their other releases.

In other news as you probably know if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, my alt is training exhumers 5 so i can sell her as an uber hulk pilot. So the night before the patch to take away learning skills it has 20 days 16 hours to go. Guess what it has after the patch? yes... 4 days! That means i will be able to train every ore skill to 5, round out the mining drone skills and maybe even get some production skills, or scrap metal processing.

Also on my main i trained a bunch of engineering (energy skills) to 5 so I have a lot of cap stability now :) That also knocked over 20days of my tengu plan. The one where im maxing all the related skills. Im pretty damn close now :D