Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Trading: its fun :)

you know i never really got into trading in the past but right now i dont feel like scanning for plexes or anything because its hot weather and im always at the beach. So instead i spend a few minutes a day doing some trading and in about one day i made 23mill :) Yes its not the big bucks but its actually fun.

Im still way new too this but so far its going well. One thing ive learnt is buy low sell high. So keeping this in mind i went out and bought 4 drakes for 26 999 999. The next lowest sell order was 29 980 000. I then turned straight back around and put my own sell order up at 29 900 000! Now sprinkle with magic dust, bake at 180 degrees for a couple of hours and you've made 5.8mill.

Someone else had then made a lower sell order than mine over night of 29 899 999. I thought 1 isk wars only happened in jita! No sweat though I just changed my sell order to 29 800 000 so they would think twice about going lower than me again and wait another couple of hours and bam! you got around 11mill.

This is really beginner stuff but it was a bit of a gamble spending 108mill on the ships in the first place. Now that it worked im going to look into some other items see where else i can make some isk.

If you have any tips for a wannabe trader, please let me know in the comments section. Otherwise ill just keep stumbling forwards and hopefully find my way to the pot of gold under the rainbow.

Till that happens,
Fly Safe,
Serneity one