Sunday, 28 November 2010

Update #6 - Right on time

After a bit of a rant last time about losing tonnes of isk from my mining alt this awesome DevBlog comes along to cheer me up :)

Finally, oh finally learning skills are going the way of the white rhino (sorry I just learned today that they are going extinct). This is so sweet, all the time i spent on learning skills for my main will get reinvested into some other areas that will actually do something useful! and also on my alt i will be able to use these skill points and wont have to buy that extra plex i was talking about.

By cutting out some of the less useful ore processing skills from the plan i have now got it down to around 75 days. The account currently has 72 days left so I will be able to spend the learning SP on exhumers 5 and get the plan to around 72 days (hopefully). Im not sure how much time the extra attributes will cut off the plan but the extra points will up all my attributes by over 50% which is considerable and I may even be able to put those ore processing skills back in!