Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Types of Carebears

I am a carebear, yes. I like making lots of isk so i can buy even better tools to make lots that "lots of isk" faster. I will probably hit a dead end sometime but I enjoy playing like this so bugger off if you have a problem with it.

If you have read this blog for long you will know it doesn't apply to me:

In the MMORPG Eve-Online ( a Carebear is a character who stays in Concord (police) controlled space and never ventures into unsecured "0.0" space.

Well that's just not true now is it! I think there can be many different types of carebears, from highsec mining guru's to the sanctum farmers in null sec. So heres my definition:

A Carebear is a player who does not participate in PVP activities (very often) or does but prefers not to.

As i have said before my Main carebearing activity is null sec ratting. Now a while back all the guys in my corp where could fly mining barges or had a alt that could so i thought i would join the craze. I trained up a character from scratch using this for guidance. At this point i have had my alt for 5 months. She can fly a hulk, tank any bs spawn in 0.0, mine and refine all ores with t2 crystals and little waste. BUT! I hate it. It bores me to the point of tears. Seriously one time i was mining for a couple of hours, I did make about 70mill but All i did was sit there clicking a couple of buttons each time a rock became a spec of dust in space from repetitive laser penetration.

You might think its a bit slow me figuring out that i hate mining now after 5 months but not really. For the first few months i didn't use the character so it was only recently that i figured it out. Now that i have though, I want to max her skills out and get rid of her by the time my subscription turns over (70 odd days from now). If i get all ore reproduction skills to 4 i will have plenty of time to spare as that will only take about 40 days. However if I train exhumers to 5 as well, it will take 90 days. will that one skill gain me enough extra isk when i sell the character to be worthy of buying the plex needed for that extended skill plan?

It will have been 9 months by the time i get around to selling it if i do buy the extra plex so lets work a few things out. Im not sure if i should include the 3 months i bought via credit card but for this i just put them in and said they cost what the current plex price is in jita.

9 * 317mill (average plex price over the months) = 2.86 bill (2 860 000 000)

Then theres the price of the character transfer which is $29. Keeping in mind that you can get 2 * plex for $34 which is around $1 for 23mill isk. So 23mill * 29 = 667mill

That means I will have spent 3.527 bill on her excluding books and imps. Imps cost 100mill and books about another 100mill so 3.727 billion. Crap i will really be hard pressed to get that from a sale wont I?

So if anyone has any pointers it would be great. The minimum i will train though will be to t2 crystals for every ore type.

Fly safe,
Serenity one