Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ship crew's

A while back there was much talk about ship crews and eves mortal inhabitants. One post i read was about bringing ship crews into the game where you had to take care of them, feed them ect. Personally i think that having to take care if your crew would be pretty terrible addition. sort of how PI is at the moment. Sure it could be added to, fixed up and all that but i think eve should leave all the diaper changing for the sims :)

Right your probably wondering where this post is going. I am going to share with you an idea I came up after reading some of Evoganda's "gooder Eve" posts so it is a sort of response or addition to his gooder eve collection. Now on with the creativity!

My idea is that when you buy a ship, it comes with a crew. This crew has different skills that cant just be trained like a skill book. these are actual skills like in real life when you practice something a lot your "skill" goes up. Also sort of like 0.0 solar systems how when you rat a lot your combat level goes up and you can get static anomalies, crew skills could give you small bonuses. ill give you an example:

You buy a hulk. you go out mining for a few hours and your crew's mining skill goes up. As this level go's up you could get a bonus to mining yield or perhaps get faster cycle times. The hulk has gone up in value and you could sell it to someone who doesn't want to train their own crew or keep it and use these bonuses to your advantage, making more isk. One day however your hulk is blown up and your crew with it. You now have to buy another hulk and train your new crew from scratch. 

I think this would be a really cool addition to the game, that could be uses all areas of eve. Pvp, mining, ratting, they could all benefit from crews. Right no if you do missions or rat for hours all you get is a bit of isk but you never actually get better. sure you may get better at chaining the rats or what not but day after day it will always be the same. With ship crews introduced you will be able to work towards something when you are doing monotonous tasks. Plus think of the bragging rights!

Ship crews could really benefit people wanting an extra kick out of their already maxed ships. Just say you have have a Tengu (caldari strategic cruiser) with maxed skills. With crews added you could squeeze the last bit of DPS out of those deadly missile launchers once you train them in fast reloading and patch any holes in you tank. Or imagine your wanting to get the maximum accuracy out of those rail guns. Crews will give you that too. With a bit of time they will be top marksmen.

This would add the ability to grind skills like other games but it would only be for that ship.
If you have any questions, ideas or additions to my idea feel free to a comment below.

Fly safe,
Serenity One