Friday, 5 November 2010

Fortnightly Photo #2 - Caldari BG

Ladies and gentlemen, guess what day it is today. Friday, meaning you get another piece of artwork! I got this idea from someone called "john" on the artwork page of my blog. he requested a simple caldari desktop background and that is what i have delivered. I hope you like it :)

Click to enlarge!

If you would like an alteration of this image, such as a different colour in the symbol and writing it will cost you 5mill isk. Otherwise if you like it how it is, click it to enlarge then download it. Please do not use this for anything other than personal use without written permission from me.

The next Fortnightly Photo will be a simple Gallente background. If you would like a different races background made first, just leave a comment below.

Till then, fly safe,
Serenity one