Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fun factor

So for the last couple of months i haven't been having so much fun in game. This was mainly because of having to pay for all my accounts with plex which took the fun factor out and it was mostly a grind to get the isk for the plex each month.

Fairly simple solution. I bought 3 months game time on each account with my credit card so there is not sure much pressure to get the isk and i can save up for some toys :) I also set a goal for each of my characters. The first, for serenity is to have all tengu related skills maxed, and then buy one of course! currently my plan in evemon is 90 days long so i better start reading those books! The next for my alt is to faction fit her hulk and be able to tank any bs spawn. The other characters on these two accounts are all going to be planetary interaction / hauling characters with the exception of one scanner / cyno char. so far i have 3 characters doing it so just need to get another 2 up and running.

Now with more time to do more fun stuff I find making money is much less of a grind and i can enjoy running sanctums or mining (or both, dont you love dual boxing) because the isk is going towards something truly awesome!