Thursday, 28 October 2010

Update #4 - Gadget curiosity

I just read the eve online newsletter vol.48 and there is a new survey! Sorry, I just love doing surveys for some reason :) This survey is obviously (I think) in response to the uproar from us pod pilots about capsuleer's death. They say "Smartphones, iPads, PSPs, netbooks... do people still use PDAs? We're interested in what kind of games and gadgets EVE players use, so the latest survey is on exactly that." So head on over and give CCP a piece of your mind!

Also if you were thinking of getting another account now is the time to do so. $50 for 6 months is as cheap as it gets, seriously its a great deal! Check your Eve online account management page for full details on the power for two.

The sixth optional patch is out on the 28th of October. wow seriously there is a test server for a reason CCP!!

Oh and in other news how awesome is the samsung galaxy s! yes i now own one :D

Thats all for today. Fly safe,