Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Carrier kill mail

Who wants a carrier kill mail? mmhmm, well read the following, quoted from the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah:

When: Jan 17th, 9pm EST (0200 eve time on Jan 18th)

What: Chimera on a planet or belt in a low sec system (to be announced on Jan 10th) for at least 30 minutes or until dead.

Why: Celebrating 6 years of blogging and upcoming 2000 posts

Who: You and anyone else that shows up.

How: I'll warp to a celestial (no station or gate) in a system to be announced next week and tell everyone in local and the Ninveah channel where I am. Then they can come to shoot or support me. I will fight back but will not warp away for 30 minutes.

So get your shit together while there's time. Get your corp mates into a fleet and go smash this chimera!!!

Fly safe,