Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Say goodbye to hulk alt

So after 7 ish months of training and a lot of station spinning, my hulk alt with 9.2mill sp finally sold. I am actually so happy. I hated mining so much that in those 7 long months I only went out mining about 3 times lol. I know I would have made a lot more isk if i had mined for the whole time and then sold the char but it was just to boring for me. Hopefully she has gone to someone who will take care of her...

So here is the maths:

21 free days (free)
Plex (free because of buddy program)
6 * Plex (say 350mill average each) = 2.1 bill
100mill for skill books and implants

total spent: 2.2bill
Character sold for 3bill So i made about 800mill \o/

I am happy with that. Till next time o/,
Captain Serenity