Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Kill That Carrier

Since Kirith announced the event I had planned on going in with a couple of corp mates activating a full rack of smart bombs and trying to damage as many people as possible (including kirith). We were all going to fly in and do something like this:

So I log on two hours before the event and corp chat is empty. great... the Ninveah channel says there is an attackers channel and a defenders channel already set up so since I dont have anyone to talk to I pop over to them and say hello in both. I get an immediate response in the defenders channel and no response from the attackers for quite some time so I decide it would be wise to become a defender.

With an hour to go I head over to Teshkat in my pvp drake, Spanking Machine |, and a few of us go in together, meeting the rest of the defense fleet outside the station. Everyone practices targeting BC'ed targets and some other stuff then the time comes and we all warp to kirith.

Following this is a mad killing frenzy which I missed out on a bit because Eve voice kept kicking me out and I couldn't hear any orders lol. I managed to get on two kill mails in that time then the FC broadcast a NOIR. guy (noir. were also defending kirith) who I locked up and shot at. immediately after that Noir. locked me up and killed me. I was pretty annoyed but now I understand it had been a misunderstanding that had been resolved but I hadnt heard it because Eve voice had yet again decided to kick me out!

I warp around for 15mins waiting off my GCC then finally when its finished I run to the nearest system that is selling a drake and some missiles. I reconnected to voice comms then and heard that Noir. and our fleet had won and we could now attack kirith. I quickly bought a drake, 7 heavy missile launchers and 5k scourge fury heavy missiles and got back as fast as I could. Unfortunately this was not fast enough and someone yelled "I see hull damage!" just as I was jumping in. I warped to the FC and sure enough Kirith's chimera and his pod were already dead.

That didnt really bother me too much though because some other people (not sure who they were?) started locking us up and we killed em :) I got on 2 more killmails before their reinforcements arrived and I just warped out with 4% hull left. feww the Spanking Machine || survived!

EDIT: here is the finished video of the night, made by kirith:

Thanks Kirith, That was awesome fun!