Saturday, 22 January 2011

Rifter Rampage #1 - In The Beginning

In The Beginning...

 ...I created an alt.

Mysterious Alt

I have decided to make one of the characters on my main account into a solo PVP alt. His name will remain unknown but I am going to post every few days about how he is going. I will include a record of how much isk I spend and the skills I train. I am calling this series of posts Rifter Rampage because the first solo ship I am going to learn to use (and train for) will be a rifter. Below is the fitting I am going off, so I know what skills I need to train.

I have given the character 15mill which I am going to make last for as long as possible. I am going to try and spend as little as possible the whole time and see how much isk it costs and how long it takes to train a character to be able to pilot a rifter properly.

minmatar frigate - 36 000
small projectile turret - 18 000
motion prediction - 54 000
mechanic - 18 000
hull upgrades - 54 000
repair systems - 27 000
weapon upgrades - 70 000

Total: 277 000

That should do us till next time.

trained since last post (I started training at 8pm on the 22/1/2011):

minmatar frigate - 3
mechanic - 3 
hull upgrades - 3
gunnery -3

To Train for next post:
hull upgrades - 4
repair systems - 3
small projectile turret - 2
motion prediction - 2
+ whatever else I can fit in