Friday, 21 January 2011

Update #10 - Character recustomization

The Future

We will be introducing the ability to repeatedly recustomize characters in a future release. The current plan is to introduce this at the same time as we release tattoos, scars and piercings so players can take advantage of these new assets. We are still in the early design phase, so we don't have any more details at present. Expect a devblog explaining more in the coming weeks. 
Incursion 1.1.1 addresses several issues and updates to Incursion 1.1.0 and includes the ability to redo ones' portrait in the character creator

So after tonight's update we will be able to customize our characters further but not from scratch (I think). I am not completely sure but it sounds as if we will start from what we have already done and make changes from there. If this is the case I think I will try to smooth out some of serenity's frown lines lol.

In other news some new security measures against phishing attacks will be put into place. All the details are here if your interested at all.