Saturday, 15 January 2011

Update #9 - Three Days Till Liftoff

Incursion will lift off on the 18th of jan, three days from now. There are a lot of features I am excited about but im just going to write about the main few here.

The character creator as seen at the top ^ will become available on TQ and we get to re-do all our characters!! I am particularly excited about this because I created my character when I was 11 years old and didnt do a very good job lol :)

heads up for all our players; you will have to recreate your character portrait using the new character creator after it has been deployed. This means that your old character portrait will not be accessible anymore! If you want to preserve the old character portrait in high resolution, you should log into the game and use the capture portrait option while it still exists.

Obviously Incursion will bring us the Sansha PVE content which should be awesome! In this we get to battle off the nasty, spiky buggers below:

This release will also update the contracts sysetm which I wrote about in a previous update post.

Then we come to Eve Gate updates (Which wont be released for a while but I wanted to talk about it anyway). When eve gate was released it acted just like a fat kid on the ten metre diving board; it did an immense belly flop and didnt come up for a while. Till now in fact. CCP will be changing the current Eve online forums to an archived version and will be starting the new forums over on Eve gate from scratch (no posts copied from the current forums). Some kewl stuff they have added includes a sleek design:

Front page

The ability to "like" posts will also be available. The running total of likes received and likes given will be shown under your avatar. Each post will also have a share button and favorites button allowing you to share it with the world outside of Eve gate and "Fave" threads which will make them easily accessible at a later date. There will be an RSS feed for every channel and thread so you can keep up to date on your threads from your favorite feed reader!

Above you should be able to see the new search that will come with the forums. This is particularly good because the current search is way on bad side of things. You will be able to do much more powerful search's and even bookmark your search criteria for later as well as be able to subscribe to an RSS feed of your search criteria so you can see any new threads popping up that may interest you.

Cant wait for all this stuff!