Monday, 7 February 2011

Part of the Blog Pack!

So I logged onto my computer after an average day at school. Checked my emails, didnt see anything exciting. I changed some skill queue stuff on my different characters. Entered a few free lotteries then didnt have much to do... So I checked my emails again. Omg! There was a very exciting mail waiting for me indeed! heres what it said;

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@CrazyKinux commented on Theres this thing called life... -

Welcome to the EVE Blog Pack. If you could write a little something about it, I'd appreciate! Cheers!
 What! I read it again then jumped for joy and high fived the air beside me (maybe i should have kept that part to myself) I was actually in the blog pack!

My goal when I started writing random stuff that nobody was reading on my blog was to get into the blog pack. I though If i made in there then at least a few people would read my blog. To my amazement a few people have already been reading it and your continued supportive comments are really appreciated! Seriously its actually an awesome feeling when someone says they like what you wrote or made ect.

So stick around more stories, tips & tricks and randomness that I post. Hope you like it :)