Friday, 11 February 2011

New corp. New play style.

I wanted to wait till I got my first kill with my new corp till I posted this but a lot of real life stuff has got in the way (homework mainly). So I had to settle for posting it after I killed an ihub. Killing the ihub wasn't all that fun but it was good to get out there with some corp / alliance guys and get something worthwhile done.

So the new corp I joined is called psykotic meat (PKME) which is part of convicted alliance. Pkme is an Australian timezone pvp corp part of an Australian timezone pvp alliance :)

I joined pkme around a week ago now and it has been great fun. I am really enjoying the new play style even though I haven't killed much yet. I'm sure that will change soon though :)

Now onto the part about corp size.So as I said in my other post about corp sizes and all that I dont like Large corps. I dislike massive corps because they very impersonal, sort of cold, like a big machine just grinding for the benefit of the overlord so I thought that maybe a tiny corp would be better. well it wasn't. I think perhaps I rushed into the decision of joining my last corp and it didnt end up be a very good one. Not many people were on and there were a few other reasons that i wont go into. That experience made me spend a lot more time picking my next corp. I probably thought about it for a week or so before finally deciding on PKME.

So far PKME seems to be the perfect size. The guys in it and the alliance are good fun and the corp / alliance (which I cant tell you) are really exciting :D

The future looks good. What does your future hold?

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