Wednesday, 23 February 2011

PL Has good tactics

So we were shooting a POS with a JF on standby ready to haul our goodies to safety. This faction loot, worth around 2bill would help fund and setup our new home. There was only one problem... PL had their own idea...

After an hour - ish of pos bashing the tower was finally in low structure and the a cyno was going to be lit in the next few minutes when all of a sudden 5 PL dramiels and a heretic come into system.

We are already off grid by now because we weren't sure what ships they were in but on seeing the dramiels and heretic we turned around and tried to catch them. Now Im sure dramiels are fun to fly when you are the pilot but they are pesky little things when you dont have any fast tackle and your all in slow drakes. They are like bloody flies buzzing around you! They kept nipping in and out so fast there was no chance of catching them so we warp out once again.

This time we get a good warp in on them and I am licking my lips in anticipation of the coming fist fight. We all land on grid and in a mad rush of control clicking I lock everyone up and start shooting. We have points on multiple ships and its looking good as we lay waste to a hound, and then...

You guessed IT! PL uses their favorite tactic and drops several capital ships on us (and most likely a lot more on standby) and the heretics bubble goes up.

This was not at all unexpected, we just thought we could kill a few of them and bug out before they did hot drop us but unfortunately 4 or so of our drakes died and PL ran off with the pos mods and shot the stuff they didnt want. Nice tactics :) I congratulate them on a job well done even if it didnt have the best outcome for us.

Dont drink fly!
From the Angry CareBear