Sunday, 13 February 2011

Update #12 - Beetles...

...and bugs

The past releases, Team Best Friends Forever has been working on large features, our latest being Incursions. Next release will be different though; next release we'll be trying to track down all the small things that annoy you and working to correct them.
 I am really excited about this update. It fixes a lot of small stuff that was getting on my nerves. Heres a brief overview of the upcoming bug fixes and changes.

Incursion 1.2  15th February 2011
Remote Destruction of Jump Clones
Remote authorization has been added, allowing players to dispose of unwanted or unneeded jumpclones directly from the character sheet.
Improvements to Buying a New Clone
When buying a new clone, options with insufficient skillpoints will be grayed out as a warning.
Region & Security Status Displayed When Buying a Clone
When moving your active clone to another station, the list of possible destinations will contain the region and security status.
Sell/Buy Window Settings
The state of your sell window (normal/advanced) will persist (remember your last used setting) on a character basis.
Market Window Displays Outpost Information
Market orders in player-owned outposts will now display the system name as well as the station name on the order.
Asset Search by Distance
Your assets list can now be sorted by number of jumps so that you can easily view your proximity to locally stored assets.
Drag and Drop Into Closed Containers
You can now drag and drop items into closed containers without having to open them first.
Character Portrait Saves Return
Say "Cheese!" It is now again possible to capture portraits of characters in-game.
Improved Overview Settings
Priority modification in Overview settings now has drag and drop functionality.
Agent Removal Confirmation
To safeguard against accidental removal of needed agents, a new confirmation message has been added which pops up when players attempt to remove one.
Starmap Autopilot's Tab Now Easier to Adjust
The 'Autopilot' tab in the Starmap now has drag and drop functionality for sorting waypoints.
Clearing All Waypoints from Space
A new right-click menu item has been added to the route label in space, so it is now possible to clear all waypoints without opening the Starmap.

The ones I am most looking forward to are as follows. Remote jump clone removal, clearing way points from space and also the changes to the autopilot tab. With these i will finally be able to delete some clones that are locked away in hostile space, not have to waste time hitting f10, waiting for the map to load then right clicking to clear my waypoint and planning waypoints will also be a breeze! what are you looking forward to?

Also one last thing. A quote from a recent devblog about incarna:
we're happy to say that we're coming to a place where we can begin dialogue about actual features and gameplay that's been in development. We’ll kick it off with a blog from the team working on captains quarters next week that should lead quite nicely into several presentations at Fanfest
This is so exciting! It will be pretty sweet if you can customize your quarters ect. It will just be something cool to tinker around with on a rainy day :)