Sunday, 6 February 2011

Trading - its not as fun as i thought.

Ok so yeah i did make a bit of money off trading. I turned 50 mill into over 150mill. But what i have figured out is all that small profit margin trading stuff is of the queer persuasion. I like the solid deals where i can buy something and turn straight back around and sell it. for more.

I recently fond a great set of trade systems. In on the raven was selling for pretty low price. In the other the raven was selling for a lot higher price. The beauty of this spot is that the two systems are in different regions so you cant see that you are getting ripped off without doing a bit of research.

So i bought a couple of ravens, made the 5 jumps necessary to get to the other system, put up a sell order and bam! I had made over 15mill per ship :D

I am going to stop doing the small margin trading stuff and only do some trading when I find a good deal like this one. Its funny, a lot of isk can be made from people too lazy to travel a few jumps to get something cheaper.

Ok so here are the skills you should train up if you are going to get right into trading.

Marketing  allows to setup remote sell orders.
Procurement allows to setup remote buy orders
Daytrading  allows to change orders remotely
Visibility  increases maximal effective range of buy orders

The ranges for the above 4 skills:
  • level 0: limited to current station
  • level 1: anywhere within current solar system
  • level 2: 5 jumps
  • level 3: 10 jumps
  • level 4: 20 jumps
  • level 5: entire region
Trade +4 additional orders per level.
Retail +8 additional orders per level.
Wholesale +16 additional orders per level.
Tycoon +32 additional orders per level.

max = 305 order

Accounting reduces default tax rate for 10% per level from 1% to 0.5% at level 5
Broker Relations  reduces broker fee for 5% per level from 1% to 0.75% at level 5
Margin Tradingdecreases amount of ISK you have to place in buy orders. values are:
  • level 0: 100%
  • level 1: 75%
  • level 2: 56.25%
  • level 3: 42.18%
  • level 4: 31.64%
  • level 5: 23.73%

Good luck with your trading!