Sunday, 20 February 2011

CCP = the wind - Response

If is strictly is to draw in new players so that a new player has an idea of how things function in eve, excellent, but SAY so.

Once we know WHY something is being done, we can connect the pieces together, and develop a cohesive "this is why CCP is doing this"

I am 1/4 excited and 3/4 worrying about Incarna. Being able to get out of my ship and take a walk around in my captains quarters, involving a couple of rooms that dont do much at all wont be that fun or accomplish anything. The possibilities for future expansions, however will be numerous. So numerous that I am thinking, where the hell are you going with this CCP?

We could be able to customize the rooms, our characters, build shops (brothel?), play mini games, out of pod pve / pvp ect. ect. What I am worried about is that it will be a bit of a flop like PI was at first or worse, be so good that nobody plays internet spaceships anymore.

If CCP doesnt have an end goal with this then I can definitely see why they are telling us shit all... Like the dev blog they just posted with a few pictures and a couple of scribbled down notes on a napkin.

If they do have a goal though, why not share it? This is such a big change from any other expansion after all so why not tell your faithful users whats happening on that little icy island. The worst that could happen is you get some player feedback about what will be accepted or rejected.

Its just a thought...

ps. I wasnt only talking about incarna...
and the origianl post by A mule in eve