Friday, 4 February 2011

Theres this thing called life...

I havnt posted in a little while, oops! This thing called life got in the way of playing eve or posting. I dont usually post about my real life but I thought I would just share this part seeing as its the reason I didnt post and it is very exciting (for me at least :D)

I went away for 2 days to bathurst soaring club (in case anyone knows it) and started learning to fly a glider.

It has always been my dream to have a career in aviation and be some type of pilot whether it be a helicopter pilot or commercial pilot I wouldn't mind.

I recently found out that my hours in the glider will go towards my powered plane hours as so it is a great hobby for me to take up. I will be going up there every second weekend and hopefully go solo soon!

The other thing taking up my time was going into year 10. It is an important year for me because I need to do well to get into the selective school I want to go to so I decided to set up good habits and do all my homework ect. fun :)

I can also learn to drive (a car) in about a month so I will be able to drive up to the gliding club and back which is 3 hours away and get my gliding hours and driving hours up at the same time :D

Sorry If this bores you. Back to eve next time.

Also this video is of some gliding aerobatics, in case you dont know what gliding is, or if you want to see some cool shiz lol