Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Update #2 - Finally!

More API changes. Pretty much what CCP are doing is changing all the item ID's from 32bit integers to 64bit, type ID's from 16 bit to 32 bit and flag ID's from 8 to 16 bit. This will give them more room to move in the future when more items are created and need a unique ID.
In the devblog by CCP prism x, he says "this is all done to future proof Eve Online for all the incoming awesomeness..." [because] "For years now we've been teetering on the brink of running out of unique ID's and it has put a lot of stress on maintenance... as well as development constraints on new features. To see what this affects and find out what it all means, read the devblog here.

As stated in another post of mine, the "incursion" expansion set for winter 2010 (simmer in Australia) will bring in a replacement for the static 10/10 complexes that were taken out of eve due to corporations and alliances farming them. The replacement complexes are aimed at group PVE. I personally cant wait to try these out because u find any PVE activity is exactly 6.5 X better in a group!

Theres an eve store sale ending in 3 days (on sept. 30). Popular ship models are down to $99 and you could grab a tee for as little as $15!

Also on September 30 there will be an extended downtime (roughly 3 hours) while Tyrannis 1.1 is deployed. Changes will include back end changes to the user interface and planetary interaction and best of all several mac client issues have been resolved, finally! (Half the time i play on a mac and some of the bugs are really irritating). The mac fixes include client crash issues, mailer cache error and the one affecting me, font rendering in the in game browser. That picture at the above is what my in game browser looks like at the moment lol.

Fly safe,
Serenity one