Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Update #1 - Api Improvements

CCP Prismx, CCP Stillman and the operations team have been busy for the last month or so improving the overall performance of the API. On one of the reserved API servers an application was causing long response time from the API. After they removed this the average response time dropped dramatically. They also moved the API onto a brand new set of disc arrays again reducing response time. On Monday, September 27th all existing API logs will be deleted so download any that you need. The logs are being deleted because a more efficient table to record the logs in has been made and it would take roughly 4 hours to copy the exiting logs across. From that point only logs for the previous 7 days will be kept. read the full story here

The next mass test taking place on the singularity test server will be on Saturday, September 25 at 20:00 UTC and will run for approximately 1.5 hours. read more about it here

In other news my corporation [Metalworks] just finished their huge construction project and onlined the "powered by vegemight" station. Yes, we are Australians :D