Monday, 27 September 2010

Drone comparison

I have been using more and more ships with drones, such as the Chimera, Raven and Ishkur. Every time i need to check something like what drone does the most damage or what one has the highest velocity i have to go into the market, look at all the drones little info windows and try and compare them, which takes a long time. That is why i spend an hour today gathering information from in game and also off the Eve Online Wiki's item database [link] to create this table so i can quickly see what drone is best for what situation.

How to:

  • Show the drones for a specific race:
    click the drop down menu underneath the "Faction" heading then click the desired race.
  • Show a specific drone:
    Click on the drop down menu underneath the "drone" heading then select the desired drone.
  • Show all drones in a specific class:
    Click the drop down menu beneath the "Drone Class" heading and select the class of drones you want to see.
  • You can also sort by damage type, following a similar method.

This and many more guides can be found on my Guides page
I hope this can help some people because it sure helps me :)

Fly safe,
Serenity One