Sunday, 19 September 2010

Reassesing Goals

one quick announcement before i get into this post:

I am going to start posting once a week with fiction / random post ect. and at least once a week i will post an update of all the stuff that is happening to do with eve whether it be competitions you need to enter or a dev blog worth reading (although you can check the side bar to the right, under "devblogs" where all the latest dev blogs are listed).

and now the post:

So i was thinking, what are my goals in eve? And I realised that i don't actually have any! When I started playing eve my goal was to fly one of the big ships, like a carrier. i looked up at those mighty hulls and thought they would be bring me joy. So now i am at that point, i bought myself a chimera (you can see my guide about them here) and it isnt everything i thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, i love it! it is my favorite ship that i have flown in the game so far and i love how the wallet blinks every 10mill but that alone doesnt make me want to log in because i dont have anything i am really working towards.

The chimera just hasn't quenched my hunger (or is that thirst? i don't even know if pod pilots eat food! but we definitely drink vodka) and i am still looking for bigger and better things. Or is it? and thats when i realised, in going straight for the big guns i have missed out a lot of the smaller ships. I "can" fly them, just never done it. So my next step in the wild world of Eve is going to be small ship pvp and i have bought a one just for the occasion.

Yep the onyx. Man that is a sweet ass hunk a' metal! its got around 120k effective hit points, a warp disruption field generator and! crap thats all i can think of right now lol. Since i got the onyx i have flown it in 2 gangs but didn't get any kills and i have done 2 gate camps and guess what? no kills... I think its because pvp is much more time consuming than PVE. If I'm doing a sanctum its east to just recall my drones and warp to a pos when i need to take a break. In pvp you don't really have such luxuries. A pvp roam (well one that you actually get kill in) can take 3 hours and you might be deep in enemy territory so you cant just up and leave. I am still going to try and get in as many fleets as i can and i am going to join a gate camp as we speak (wish me luck).

Oh BTW check out this standard buffer tanked onyx for fleets: Fleet onyx with buffer

Fly safe,
serenity one