Friday, 24 September 2010

My Great Escape

This is a response to "what's your greatest escape story?" by "A Merry Life and a Short One". The original post can be found here.

I'm sitting on the gate, aligned to the pos and killing some high bounty rats in my drake. The gate fires and a red pops up in local. Instead of doing the logical thing and warping straight to the pos, what do I do? Yea greed takes over an I say to myself "screw the red, I have time for one more rat" The red has now decloaked in their Phobos (Gallante heavy interdictor) and is burning for me. At that time I didn't know a HIC was able to scram at extreme range. I was over confident an thought I could warp away before he could get a scram on me seeing as he was 35km's away. I'm almost done with the rat and the reds still ages away (33km). Now all of a sudden he yellow boxes. Then red boxes. Then that little symbol that I've always dreaded appears next to his ship in the overview, "what. The. Fuck. He has me scrammed from 30km!"
I get a cold chill as local Spikes with 3 more reds an the gate flashes 3 times in quick succession.

I'll quickly add, we had just made the trip out to 0.0 escorting our corp's orca with our pos in it so we were all in bs / bc's an we were all fitted with ECM drones in case we hit a red fleet so the orca could get out.

Ok now on with the story.

The Three reds that jumped through were all in drakes an decloaked on the other side of the gate, about 40km away. They all red box instantly and there heavy missiles hurt.

*Warning bells go off reminding me that my shields are almost gone.*

I launch my ECM drones at the Phobos hoping to throw off its lock. The drakes almost immediately go from red to yellow and my drones start taking damage. I am forced to recall them when two go pop. Damn, I thought ECM drones would work.

*Again the warning siren sounds as i go into low armour.*

there's nothing I can do. My drones don't work and all my Corp mates are busy. There's just a couple of alliance guys coming from 10 jumps out.

*I'm in structure now and it's disappearing. Fast!*

Holy fuck this is my last chance! I launch the last three ECM drones and I'm yelling all sorts of shit to get them to jam the Phobos. Come on, come. On!

*Half structure*

Come on... Then bam! The phobos's lock drops, and I'm away. Warping to the pos an letting out a huge sigh of relief.


Fly smart, (don't be a retart)
Serenity one

P.s sorry to the 5 ECM drones that died to save me. It was for the greater good I swear!