Saturday, 14 August 2010

Chaos descends... Atlas fails...

A week ago C-J6MT was under siege. There was around 2000 pilots all up in local, mostly mother ships, dreadnoughts and Carriers with various support ships. So what happened your asking? Well, according to CCP, the battle came to an end due to "spacial disturbances", yeah right CCP, its called LAG!
Atlas takes it back the next day and at this point im thinking we might stay out here. until...

All hell breaks loose. C-J, EUU and SN9 were been hit by the reds with a cap fleet of over 17 mother ships. All our SBU's in the area are down, and guess what. this all happened between 10pm when i logged off and 10am the next day when i logged in. Yes, Consortium and atlas and Recon all manage to fail their asses off in the space of 12 hours.

When i log in this message is here to greet me:

*URGENT* Effective Immediately!!!! Evacuation
Consortium. Members,
Atlas is stuck defending C-J,  RECON is stuck in EUU, and now we have reds dropping SBUs all in our space..... this space will fall.... SO, move what you can out... Dont let this shit get you down.. This is part of EvE and living in 00.. Its always changing.. Well get a new home and very possibly come out better because of it...

"this space will fall...."
Real positive. your not even going to try?

"we will get a new home and very possibly come out better because of it..."
Very promising guys!

"Atlas is stuck defending C-J,  RECON is stuck in EUU, and now we have reds dropping SBUs"
Well done Atlas! hope you had fun twiddling your thumbs while all your systems were stolen :)


Its action time. i jump into my raven and gather my most prized possessions into my cargo hold. Before the hold doors slam shut my main thrusters are roaring.
I quickly Convo my online corp mates, "im leaving in five, join me at 5c if you want to get your ships out".
I have confirmation from everyone within a few seconds,
"OMW, bringing a badger" Poisyn replies.
"ill come" Aurelilio puts in.
"im bringing a neutralizing  pvp domi" says Auliliae as he logs in and sees the the eve mails i just read.

now more people are logging on and its taking longer to get everyone to 5c as more people are joining my fleet. I'm tempted to leave now and get myself safe but i couldn't leave my corp mates stranded out here.

finally we are all here, except Auliliae who is in the next system trying to get eyes on a red.
 "align CR2",
"ok warp CR2, a friendly fleet is scaring the red down the pipe" i add after a few seconds conversation with the fleet FC.

Its a wonderful sight, seeing all the ships engage there warp drives and power away, blue flame thrusting them through the universe. we land on the gate and all jump through, rippling the space where our ships had been. On the other side there is the red. just sitting there!

"stay cloaked, do not move!"
The red was in a vagabond, the minmatar heavy assault ship. He could kill Poisyn's badger in one shot if he uncloaked. we were pushing the limits, any second and our ships would be visible. All of a sudden he warps off. I let out a sigh of relief.
"From now i will warp us as a fleet" i say, then add "Aulil, meet us at the next gate".

In the next system we can see the same red in local but he is not in sight. "align outgate, warping.. also guys jump on contact, i want to outrun this red" i tell my fleet as our warp drives slow and we approach the gate the last few meters before once again jumping to the next system. 

the trip was a total of 19 jumps. we had 2 left when something went wrong. the last few gates i had warped us to planets to get out of line with any drag bubbles that could be on the gates but this gate had bubbles situated behind it so there was no escape and as we warped into the gate there was that sickening lurch as we traveled an extra 60km past the gate and into the bubble with two drakes waiting!

i jumped into action. "approach the gate.  the two drakes are attacking me but i can outrun them"

"sir i have a bookmark 200km above the gate" says morde
"ok, guys just keep calm. morde warp up there when your out of the bubble. everyone else warp to morde when he he gets there". My shields are on 50% but the drakes are just out of warp scrambling range.
"warp to me" morde says as he reaches his bookmark.
i quickly select him and warp the fleet. My raven is taking to long to align! i don't think im going to make it. And just as the drakes come into range to scram me my warp drive engages with a roar. We are now all sitting 200km above the gate with the drakes below us. i warp us as a fleet down to the gate and we all spam
 the jump button as the drakes try and nudge us off gate. Today is our lucky day. the space behind us ripples and the drakes are left alone as we jump to safety and warp away.

 hope you enjoyed the read :)

Fly safe,
Serenity One