Sunday, 15 August 2010

chaos descends - part 2

large POS, two Orca's, over one million square meters of minerals, same with ship equipment. six hulks, three battleships, over fifteen PVP ships, and yes, we got every single thing out to high sec or sold it and all within two days :)

Southern cross coalition, the corp i am in is getting good at these moves. the first move to o.o we did was with the alliance Immotalis Militis Invictus, into scalding pass. we suffered quite a few losses and there were always red fleets roaming around or camping our systems. The alliance had no structure, so we packed up and left.

We moved an orca with a pos in it across four regions to our next home in insmother. This is where we join Consortium. We don't do too badly in insmother actually. i made a couple of billion isk from ratting and plexing. It was also in insmother that i got my first kill since i started playing again. while it wasn't amazing, it was a start.
victim victim Victim: Zerohost
Corp: FW Scuad
Alliance: E C L I P S E
Ship: Ishtar (Heavy assault)
Location: CL-IRS (0.0)
Date: 2010-07-09 04:04:00
Total ISK Loss: 152,712,000
Total Damage Taken: 9,451


My alt was sort of forgotten for a while. i safed her up in our home system in her hulk and just hoped my corp mates still out there would find a wormhole. They did. I was asleep.The next day i find out everyone in my corp is out of o.o, that was a frightening moment. I really thought i was going to have to make the 19 jump trip down to n-rael and i would certainly die if i did. The hulk has a max speed of 80m/second for gods sake, my battleship can align faster!

But lucky for me our corp had made good friends with M.I.A, a corp in our alliance. One of their members "joey2cool" gave me a set of bookmarks and told me to go through the wormholes to empire. I have been so lucky lately. I didnt lose anything, not one single thing in this scramble back to high sec!

Fly safe, Serenity one


John said...

Wow nice work with the move mate. Sounds like a rough time. I just read your chimera post, it will be easier if you have to move again! I reaally want a chimera

serenity one said...

Oh yeah! It will be so much easier to move to and from 0.0.
I really wanted a chimera for so long. I actually bought one a couple of years ago but realized I didn't even nearly have max skills. I think I kept itfor a week before selling it :)