Sunday, 23 May 2010

The kistune

Serenity one here 0/

So the other day i was flying my missions drake and  we all know missions aren't fun. So I started looking through the market for ships that i could already fly and i came across the Kitsune.

For those of you that dont fly Caldari, the kitsune is an electronics attack frigate. These ships dont have the usual defences, (shield / armor) but rather they jam the enemies locking systems rendering there guns useless.

To find out what chance you have of disrupting the enemies lock, divide the ships sensor strength by the strength of the ecm unit you are using. e.g the kitsune's ship sensor strength is 24 and the 'hypnos' multispectral ECM I, that i am using has a strength of 5.4. so 24 / 5.4 = 4.4 meaning you will disrupt the enemy lock every 4.4 cycles.

I got my chance to test this beauty out last night on a small gang roam. there was three of us, two merlins and my kitsune. Flying for about half an hour we ended up in a 0.3 security system checking the asteroid belts and finally got some luck. sitting there was nub in his drake.

Immediately we went into action, two merlins flying in fast to web and scram him while i stayed at 20km just within optimal range for my ecm. the pilot sees three frigates and thinks he'll be able to take us down not noticing what i really am, an electronic attack frigate! while these thoughts are going through his head, he has been locked, webbed and scammed by the two trusty merlins. Now its my turn. orbiting the drake at 20km i proceed to activate my sensor booster II and my four 'hypnos' multispectral ECM I's. He is now going at a snails pace, unable to warp to safety or use his missiles on us.

Now comes the scary part. We activate our standard missile launchers shooting missile after missile into his  hull. These Navy light missiles really do the trick! Soon his shields are down to 20% and we are still steadily firing but then i notice something odd, he's locked me! I am panicking, five of those deadly heavy missiles would easily see me sitting here, "naked" in my pod. what should i do?

I head straight at him. i see the first missile launch with a puff of smoke then the spiraling flame ignite and the missile is speeding towards me. i am now 15km away from him. The missiles smashes into my shields doing more damage than i thought possible. I am now 10km away. The next two missiles already coming and a few seconds the later an impact that eats a halfway way through my armor. I am now 5km away and see the next missile launch. i quickly change direction moving to the right hoping to avoid the missile but i had no such luck. The missile hit my lovely Kisune's engines sending a shower sparks into the sky around us and putting the warning light on as my showed half structure left.

Something had to change. Only one more missile and poof, my kitsune would disappear forever. Then when i thought the next missile would be coming time went really slow. My Ecm jamming now on its 4th cycle catches the drakes electronic systems off guard and the red flashing light is gone from around his ship. He cannot lock me now!

While i was having my little scare our launchers still spewed there missiles at a dizzying rate, smacking one after another square into the drake. It was now in hull, or what was left of it. It only took us another 40seconds to get through it and "pop" there was his shiny pod. The merlins already had him webbed and scrammed by the time i had him locked and i only got one volley of missiles away before his pod too went "pop".


shadukar said...

good read :)

I don't know much about ECM/ECCM so this was actually quite educational.

Where about's was this btw ?
Also what did you get in terms of loot/salvage out of this guy ?

serenity one said...

Hey, ive just started posting again, didnt see your comment till now.

Glad i could help. It happened around Fovihi, i cannot remember what system. and as for loot goes we didnt get much, just some basic items worth a couple of mill. We dont really pvp for the isk though, more fort eh fun :)

fly safe,
Serenity One